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Pharma Grade Sodium Alginate

In medicine preparation field, sodium alginate has been widely used as pharmaceutical preparation. It is used as thickening agent, suspending agent and disintegrating agent, it can also be used as microencapsulated material and the cold resistant agents of cells.It has the functions of reducing blood sugar, antioxidant, enhancing immune activity effect etc.

In recent years, as a kind of high efficient biological adhesion agent and pH sensitivity gel material, sodium alginate is used to make preparation of sustained release microcapsules or pellets. With the gel properties, it is used to make preparation of gel matrix tablets. With its pH sensitivity, it is used as a targeted intestinal absorption tablet disintegrate.

In addition, the sodium alginate can also be used as a topical ointment thickener. With sodium alginate in oral tablet, it can increase the viscosity of tablet, thus making gel barrier effect, prolonging drug release time, reducing the adverse reaction. At home, we have made long-term Cedocard Retard tablet with sodium alginate as matrix, and added in antibiotics, hormones, insulin solutions, sodium alginate can produce long lasting effect.

In sodium alginate molecules, there are free carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, which can form gel with a variety of metal ions, and the preparation of pellets are of pH sensitivity, with suitable particle size. It can prevent the sudden release of oral, and it is non-toxic. Sodium alginate gel has a strong biological adhesion. It can be used as local wound healing dressings, preparation of nasal and ocular drug, oral pellicles and chewing tablet. With blood compatibility and vivo degradation removal characteristics, sodium alginate is a good carrier material for drug targeting.

Packaging specifications: In 25kg net each woven bag lined with plastic bag.
StorageProduct should be stored in shady and cool places. Don't let it exposed to the sun. Performance won't be affected with damp.
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