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Printing Thickener

Printing thickener refers to the polymer compound, which thickens the printing color paste. Before adding into the printing color paste, the printing paste usually is the hydrophilic macromolecule thick colloidal solution or the oil/water type or water/oil type emulsion paste which is soluble in water or fully dispersive after fully swelling. After being prepared into the printing color paste, a part of dye will be dissolved in the water, and the other part will be dissolved, attached or dispersed into the original printing paste.
Printing thickener has the character of high color yield, better rheology, edge sharpness, bright in color, good permeability and does not react with component of mil base. It is easy to wash out after printing, and does not affect the touch feeling. The printing thickener has stability of storage, easy to use.
The printing paste is a main component of the printing color paste. It determines the printing operation performance, the surface color yield of the dye, the smoothness of the outline of the decorative pattern, etc.  Generally, the printing paste is made from the guar gum, the tamarind gum and the sodium alginate.
Our company has developed the printing paste series products taking the sodium alginate as the raw material aiming at the fabric features.

Packaging: In 25kg net each woven bag lined with plastic bag.
StorageProduct should be stored in shady and cool places. Don't let it exposed to the sun. Performance won't be affected with damp.
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