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Alginate Acid
Alginic acid is a kind of natural polysaccharide in brown seaweed of laminaria and Undaria pinnatifida . It is the main components of seaweed and is a kind of dietary fiber. Alginic acid is light yellow powder, odorless , and almost tasteless, insoluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone and Chloroform, but soluble in NAOH solution. It acts as suspending agent, thickening agent, emulsifying agent and binding agent. Various kinds of alginic acid, alginic acid salts and inductor as hydration gelling agent had been widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and textile printing and dyeing.

Main application: 
In food industry: it can combine with many ions into the alginic acidate series products. It is used for producing the health foods or the health food additives, such as the sodium alginic acidate, the potassium alginic acidate and the calcium alginic acidate.
In pharmaceutical industry: it is a main raw material in producing the Gaviscon Tablets, the tablet disintegrating agent and the new drug PSS agent. It has a strong dispersing and emulsifying property.
In other industries: it can be used for the purification of wastewater and in printing with its absorbability.

Packaging: In 25kg net each woven bag lined with plastic bag.
StorageProduct should be stored in shady and cool places. Don't let it exposed to the sun. Performance won't be affected with damp.
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