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The Training Organized for Personnel above Supervisor
On September 12th, a training called “Solve problems fundamentally” by Hu Daping throgh online video was organized for personnel above supervisor. Hu Daping, chairman of Aikeshen enterprise management consulting limited company of Shenzhen city, doctor of business administration of Royal Canadian university, master of law of Nanjing University, adjunct professor of Zhongshan University, EMBA professor of Peking University, Tsinghua University, South china technology university. His course integrates Chinese and Western culture and teaching style, combined with the teaching of colleges and universities and many years of training experience, as well as nearly 100 experts, consultants. Learning widely from others' strong points, together with theory, VOD, case teaching and student interaction, sharing, experience and form, make the teaching process relatively relaxed and happy. He thought of problems deeply and sharply, and it is a spirit enjoyment while listening to his lecture. The lecture helps open mind, understand life, and causes deep reflection on the mind.  In the training, he pointed out: whether in life, or in business management, problems and difficulties always can hardly be avoided, and the causes of the problems are complex, but in the end, we must start from ourselves. He further analysed the causes of the problems, the three precious things of everybody, and the four steps of learning, etc. He explained profound theories in simple way, and with humor, thus enlightened wisdom of all the listeners.
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