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The company organized the first batch of outstanding staff to Korea Tourism
In July 28st, my company in office building the first batch of outstanding staff to organize the Korea Republic tour farewell ceremony. ZHOUJI group always uphold the concept of people-oriented, pay attention to the first tree top methods advocate, first to excellence and create entrepreneurship atmosphere. In order to better incentive and advanced, after the company meeting decided to study this organization, excellent staff in two groups of Korean tourism. This activity reflects the company's good humanistic management, to strengthen the enterprise team building and promote friendship between the employees, enhance the internal cohesion has a positive meaning, to participate in tourism employees to work in the future play a vanguard and exemplary role, driven around our staff for enterprises to make greater contributions to the development of. Subsequently, the first batch of outstanding employees in travel aboard the company bus, in the leadership under waved farewell ceremony to go to Qingdao by plane, to travel to the destination.
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