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The Personnel Training of Supervisors
On August 16th, a training called “ To Be The Best Middle Manager ”, addressed by WuGanlin, was organiazed in the meeting room of the fifth floor. Directors above supervisors attended the training. WuGanlin is the board chairman of GanLin wisdom institution, a training expert famous at home and abroad and a best-selling author in economics and management. He created the middle manager training courses which combined modern management and traditional Chinese culture and he is called the first person in middle management. The course is a vivid middle-level management cadre which was deliberately made by him. He believes that whether or not middle managers are of wisdom determins if an enterprise can develop strongly. As to how to become a pillar, He believes that middle managers should do the following: unit trumpts self; more light, less fling; improve standard and keep a low profile;less silly cleverness, more wisdom. The personnel were deeply impressed by the training of Mr Wu and everybody must have got valuable knowledge.
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